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Let us be an extension of your existing team.

                  extended team                                                        outreach

     Our packages are accompanied with up to four dedicated                           We attend any event.
      team members that represent and manage your account.
                                                                         We attract potential clients and stay connected

                     Administrative Assistant                                     until they become your client.
                 Maintains databases, researches,
                  and manages correspondences.                           Our packages include networking events, private
                                                                              functions, online and live community

                  Live Marketing Coordinator (x2)                             engagement, event hosting and more.
       Recruits, conducts sales, attends events, and markets
                     your services or products.                            We identify your target audience and send a
                                                                         dedicated team to bring in new clients for you.

                         Client Manager
      Attends business events, engages with potential clients
       and provides stats to the company’s extended teams.

                   cost reduction

             Businesses pay a fraction of one full time

               employee's salary for a team of four.

              If you are considering a full time person
                to build your workforce or business,
                         consider us first.

             We can show results in half the time and
                     for a fraction of the cost.

               Our team of experts have the skills to
                take your business to new industry

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