Smartreach- Basic


This is the quickest way to recruit more customers in a short period of time. We hand deliver your marketing materials and discuss your services or products to organizations. In turn we provide you with a list of verified contacts. This package includes delivery to eight (8) organizations.



Need More Students?

Recruiting new students requires engagement. Potential students of today are looking to invest in their future by choosing the educational pathway that makes $ense. Our Educational Recruiters present options that work for potential students, by conducting live online and in person presentations.

Need Employees?

If you don’t have the time or resources to invest in recruiting new employees, leave it to us. Our professional Workforce Developers have an eye for quality talent. We attend career fairs, interview candidates, conduct job orientations, handle new employee on-boarding, and provide other human resources tasks. We are not a staffing agency, we only assist with recruiting new talent.

Need Participants?

If your organization needs more community engagement, look no further. Our recruiters specialize in recruiting individuals that meet your program requirements. We work with local, state, and federal organizations that services underserved populations.


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